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ARRMA – Photogenic Quality

With thousands of wonderful ARRMA owner photographs being shared across many internet platforms each week, there is no doubt that our vehicles are perfectly suited to dramatic images and stylish video footage. ARRMA owners always surprise us with their creative skills, snapping some beautiful examples of why the RC hobby is loved by young and old all over the world.


From the jawdropping big air photos of the KRATON 6S and TALION 6S, to the epic low-profile shots of customized speed run TYPHON 6S beasts, taking photos or capturing videos of ARRMA blasting machines has become a whole hobby in itself for many dedicated fans.


Capturing ARRMA vehicles in all their aggressive glory is definitely enhanced by catching the environment at the right time of day. Sunsets and sunrises help cast amazing shadows, picking out the cool details of our body shell designs and lighting up the imposing lines of our tire patterns.


Action shots, alongside cool video footage, are sure to make a big impact when shared on social media, with ARRMA fans always on-point when the dirt starts to fly. We are always excited to see ARRMA bashing rigs doing exactly what we design them for, ripping up a wide range of surfaces and ultimately, getting down and dirty for the camera.


If you have a desire to expand your photography or filming skills, allowing you to contribute to the growing legions of ARRMA fans who share these wonderful creations, check out some of these amazing examples to spark some inspiration during your next bashing session. With camera phones being such high specification these days, it doesn’t always take expensive equipment to catch some awesome imagery of your bashing beast, then quickly share it with the world through Instagram or Facebook. You can tag us easily by adding #ARRMARC to your posts, we will always stay alert and we are ready to share and celebrate your hard work every day.


ARRMA vehicles are designed fast, and design tough. What better way to immortalise your passion for this ARRMA lifestyle than to grab some cool shots next time you unleash the speed and rugged durability of your favourite all-terrain RC machine?

We are always on the lookout for amazing images and video footage to share on the ARRMA website and social media pages, so get creative folks.

Use these hashtags in your image and video shares if ARRMA products to be in with a chance if appearing on our daily Hall of Fame page updates: #ARRMATOUGH #STAYROLLING #BLASTINGHARDER #ARRMAFANSROCK #ARRMAHOF #HALLOFFAME #BASHERSCHOICE #ARRMACREW

New BLX Vehicles


Check out our new range of BLX vehicles, available soon at your local dealer/model shop.

Designed to be fast, designed to be tough, the GRANITE BLX 2WD Monster Truck is primed to blast across any terrain. Ready-to-Run and ready for action, the BLX Brushless powered GRANITE provides adrenaline pumping RC action, no matter what the conditions.

The FURY BLX will launch you into 2WD Short Course action, straight from the box. Harness the super-fast BLX brushless power as you attack the roughest environments with super-tough components and waterproof electronics.

The RAIDER XL BLX is a super-tough all-terrain Desert Buggy that is ready for extreme RC action, straight from the box.

Equipped with the awesome performance of the ARRMA BLX 3800kv brushless motor and BLX85 waterproof ESC, the RAIDER XL BLX is 1/8 scale, for ultimate stability on all surfaces.These new ARRMA BLX vehicles are equipped with the ARRMA BLX85 Brushless power system which provides awesome speed, long-lasting reliability and super-efficient operation on the roughest terrains.

The aluminum body motor body keeps you running cool, even when you are using the full potential of the 3800kv power. Teamed with the super-strong and reliable 60 amp rated waterproof BLX85 ESC, this high-performance power system allows you to access extreme RC action with very little need for servicing.

You can achieve speeds beyond 60mph by following our supplied tuning path.

For more information, check out the following links:




BLX85 Power System:

Join the ARRMA crew today


Are you ARRMA famous?

With a global fan base that grows stronger by the day, here at ARRMA we are big fans of seeing our community get the shine they deserve.


We really enjoy sharing the hundreds of super-cool photos that are created by our dedicated fans, showcasing everything from box-fresh bashing machines arriving at their new home, to months of hard work that result in beautiful custom rides with a unique look.

From the United Kingdom to Texas, and from Australia to Japan, the world is loaded with ARRMA fans who are proud to pilot our fast and tough vehicles in a wide range of environments.


Easily become immortalised in our Hall of Fame picture gallery today: http://www.arrma-rc.com/hof

Get connected with the latest ARRMA RC news here: http://www.arrma-rc.com/news/archive

RAIDER XL MEGA – Take on the rough stuff


Hassle-free multi-terrain action

With a super-tough ARRMA build specification and ultra-stable 1/8 scale handling profile, the new RAIDER XL MEGA 2WD Desert Buggy is primed for hitting the toughest terrains in your hands.

Wider and longer than our 1/10 scale RAIDER MEGA, you can experience awesome handling, combined with the easy running capabilities of the included brushed waterproof power system.

A step up from your current ARRMA set up, or the perfect starting point for enjoying rugged all-terrain bashing fun with friends and family, the RAIDER XL MEGA has everything you need to get ripping now.

Learn more here: http://www.arrma-rc.com/rc-cars/latest/raider-xl/mega

Find your local ARRMA dealer now: http://www.arrma-rc.com/where-to-buy

Big Bold Basher – NERO 6S BLX



NERO 6S Owners Roll Out

One thing is for certain, when it come to big 1/8 scale 4WD Monster Trucks that are capable of throwing down awesome 6S LiPo power, ARRMA fans are choosing the NERO 6S.

With on-the-fly access to four unique beast driving modes, straight from the supplied transmitter, ripping up the terrain has never been so aggressive.

Legions of dedicated ARRMA bashing fans have welcomed the addition of our big and bold terrain crushing monster, with owners enjoying sharing images for our Hall of Fame pages daily.

Learn why the NERO 6S is making waves now: http://www.arrma-rc.com/nero/

Find your local ARRMA dealer now: http://www.arrma-rc.com/where-to-buy

Global Community – Get Involved


Join the global movement – ARRMA fans welcome you 

ARRMA fans are a friendly bunch, with thousands of dedicated bashers joining together across the internet every week to discuss their love for everything ARRMA.

From regular video uploads on our ARRMA TV page, to product support and new idea testing across a wide range of social media owner groups, ARRMA fans are all about the team effort.


Double thumbs up from Abby – YouTube review channel, RC Saylors

If you are new to the world of ARRMA, you can very quickly become a member of one of these very cool owner groups or forums.

Everything relating to our 1/10 scale bashing machines: https://www.facebook.com/groups/636429123168856/

The ultimate owner group for everything 1/8 scale ARRMA related: https://www.facebook.com/groups/652614441516909/

Specialist support from our German fans: https://www.facebook.com/groups/842879462424077/

An independent ARRMA discussion forum: http://arrmaforum.com/

Our own forum community: http://forum.goforit-rc.com/forumdisplay.php?1-ARRMA-Forum

What better way to meet like-minded RC fans, whilst learning new skills and developing cool customization ideas?


Younger fans enjoy supporting each other to learn new skills

Get connected, share your passion and ideas, and support your friends and family to enjoy ARRMA products.

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