Wallpaper Wednesday // SENTON 4×4 MEGA

A stalwart of the ARRMA fleet, the SENTON 4×4 MEGA is this weeks featured wallpaper.


Wallpaper Wednesday // INFRACTION 6S BLX

This weeks feature is the INFRACTION 6S BLX!


Wallpaper Wednesday // GRANITE 4×4 3S BLX

FAST and TOUGH the GRANITE 4×4 3S BLXs bright colourways are sure to liven up your desktop.


Wallpaper Wednesday // MOJAVE EXB Full Option Roller

Add some tough looks to your desktop with this weeks feature, the MOJAVE EXB Full Option Roller.


Wallpaper Wednesday // BIG ROCK CREW CAB 4×4 3S BLX

Mean muggin’ all over your desktop, the BIG ROCK CREW CAB 4×4 3S BLX is this weeks feature.


Wallpaper Wednesday // OUTCAST 8S BLX

One of the biggest and baddest to hail from the ARRMA stable. The OUTCAST 8S BLX is this weeks wallpaper feature.


Wallpaper Wednesday // SENTON 4×4 3S BLX

This weeks wallpaper is the SENTON 4×4 3S BLX!


Wallpaper Wednesday // FELONY 6S BLX

It’s Wednesday already again, so here is this weeks wallpapers.

So fast and aggressively styled it may well be considered a FELONY in some states, the ARRMA FELONY 6S BLX is sure to freshen up your dull old desktop background. You can download them in your chosen size directly below each image.


Wallpaper Wednesday // GRANITE 4×4 MEGA

Every Wednesday we will be bringing you a range of brand new ARRMA wallpapers to bring some spice to your desktop!

Opening up with the latest ARRMA GRANITE 4×4 MEGA, you can download them in your chosen size directly below each image.



From the first design our team developed a decade ago, to our aggressive 2020 range update, our passion for providing the best 1/10 scale bashing machines has given birth to a host of classics.

Perfectly balanced, supremely rugged and durable, with a look which is designed to stand out from the crowd, thousands of ARRMA fans love our 1/10 scale 4×4 blasting range.

The award-winning GRANITE Monster Truck continues to be a popular choice for new RC fans, due to the ability to hit the backyard hard and bounce back from some serious punishment. Easily accessible power and handling help younger ARRMA fans develop their skills, ready to move on to bigger and more powerful beasts in the future.

Check out this selection of awesome ARRMA 1/10 scale 4×4 fan images, every one as mean as the last.